LinkedIn Scrape Profile Feature in BizWik

The BizWik Scrape Profile feature provides users with the capability to extract valuable data and insights from LinkedIn profiles.

This dataset encompasses details such as the individual's name, email address, phone number, headline, and geographical location. Additionally, it encompasses more comprehensive information like professional work history, educational background, acquired skills, and more.

How to Use Scrape Profile Feature?

1.     Visit this web application and get started with BizWik

2.     Go to the Drip Campaign feature.

3.     Create a Campaign by stating the campaign name

4.     Select an audience source whose information you wish to obtain. Choose 20-30 people per day. This will enable you to obtain the scraped list of 20-30 people on a daily basis automatically

5.     Choose the Scrape profile box and configure it. Remember to put a delay of 60-100 seconds. Once done, click the enable button

6.   Your campaign is now ON. This campaign will now generate the scraped list daily without any manual intervention.

Profile scraping feature for lead generation

Expanding upon the functionality of the Scrape Profile feature offers the opportunity to devise customized applications. One such application involves acquiring the email addresses of potential customers. It's important to note that email addresses can only be obtained from individuals to whom you are connected on LinkedIn. To execute this approach effectively, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Create a Drip Campaign
  • Choose an Audience Source
  • Send Connection Request
  • If connection request is accepted
  • Choose Scrape Profile feature

Ultimately, this method can be a powerful way to seamlessly transition from LinkedIn networking to email-based engagement, enhancing your ability to establish meaningful connections and foster business relationships.

Best Practices for Using the Scrape Profile Feature

1.     Respect LinkedIn Limits – When utilizing the "Scrape Profile" feature, it is recommended to implement a delay of 60 to 100 seconds between each profile retrieval. Additionally, limit your daily activity to a list of 20 to 30 individuals.

2.    Targeted Approach – Instead of gathering information from all individuals, adopt a focused approach and retrieve data only from individuals who are pertinent to your objectives.

3.    1st degree connections approach – Contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and other details, is accessible solely for 1st-degree connections. Consequently, the contact information of 2nd or 3rd-degree connections cannot be acquired. Thus, it is imperative to bear this in mind when engaging in automation.

Advantages of Using Scrape Profile Feature

1.     Efficient Networking - The "Scrape Profile" functionality expedites the networking process by furnishing a succinct synopsis of an individual's professional history. This empowers you to assess the pertinence of potential connections and instigate conversations grounded in shared interests or common objectives.

2.    Competitor Research –For enterprises, the Scrape Profile feature possesses the potential to be a transformative tool in the realm of competitive analysis. It grants you the capacity to glean insights regarding the workforce, skills, and marketing approaches of rival firms. This empowers you to make well-informed choices and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

3.    Lead Generation - For sales and marketing experts, the feature holds immense value in lead generation. Through the process of scraping profiles belonging to potential clients or customers, you can enhance your comprehension of their requirements. This, in turn, enables you to customize your outreach efforts, and fostering a more personalized approach.

4.    Recruitment - HR professionals and recruiters can effectively leverage the Scrape Profile feature to optimize their recruitment procedures. By extracting pertinent details about candidates, they can pinpoint potential hires and assess their compatibility with the organization's requirements and culture. This streamlining of the recruitment process can enhance efficiency and accuracy in candidate selection.


LinkedIn's Scrape Profile feature stands as apotent instrument capable of greatly amplifying your professional networking, business expansion, and research pursuits. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance to wield this feature with responsibility and ethical consideration.Through the adoption of best practices and a commitment to user privacy, you can unlock the complete potential of this feature.