B2B LinkedIn lead generation campaign in BizWik

BizWik automates B2B LinkedIn campaigns which results in getting leads daily without any manual intervention. Maximum possible automation in BizWik can be done up to 1 year i.e. BizWik can generate leads up-to 1 year every day on auto-pilot.

Drip campaign is the feature, in BizWik, which is used to automate daily lead generation campaigns. It can do various activities such as creating the list of targeted audience, sending them connection request, sending them bulk messages, getting their connection information etc.

LinkedIn Drip Campaign - BizWik

Drip campaign works by users dragging different features from the left side and dropping them to the main menu and then connecting them like a campaign flow to run campaigns daily.

Different steps to generate daily leads on autopilot areas follows:

Step 1 – “Search On LinkedIn”

Drag and Drop “Search on LinkedIn” to the main menu and configure it based on your need. This block will create the list of targeted audience based on the configuration/criteria provided.

Search On LinkedIn - BizWik

Step2 – “Add Connection”

Drag and Drop “Add Connection” to the main menu, connect it with the output of “Search On LinkedIn”, and configure it. This will send connection request to all the targeted audiences. Remember to put delay of more than 30 seconds while configurations.

LinkedIn Add Connection

Step 3 – “Add to Audience”

Drag and Drop “Add To Audience” to the main menu, connect it with the output of “Add Connection”, and configure it. This will save the audience, every day when the automation runs. You can access the audience and even download it in a .csv format.

LinkedIn Add to Audience

 Step 4 – “Get Connection Info”

Drag and Drop “Get Connection Info” to the main menu, connect it with the output of “Add To Audience”, and configure it. This will send all the audience information, every times the automation is triggered into your email address.

LinkedIn Connection Information

Step 5 – “Schedule”

Schedule the campaign for the number of days and the time of the day.

Schedule Drip Campaign - BizWik

Step 6 – “Drip Campaign On”

Go back to the BizWik’s main menu and turn on the campaign status. This will activate your BizWik campaign.

Drip Campaign On

Step 7 – “Thanks for Connecting”

Go to “Thanks for Connecting” feature and customize your message. This feature will trigger the customized message to the users, once they accept your connection request. (The message will be triggered 4-6 hours after they accept your connection request)

Thanks for Connecting


Step 8 – “Auto Responder”

If you wish to add a further layer of automation, you can go to “Auto Responder”. This enables you to customized your LinkedIn messages like an automated-chat. You can tag a customized message to keywords or sentences.

Every time you receive a message with that keyword or sentence included, the customized message will be automatically triggered and will be send to the other party. (You can skip this feature, if you receive wide variety of messages from which no trend can be obtained)

Auto Responder

Congratulations. You campaign is now set up end-to-end.

Note: Refer to this article for LinkedIn Limitations.