How to comply with LinkedIn limitations using LinkHelp

Automating LinkedIn activities brings tremendous business growth while saving tons of effort and time; However, overdoing it may lead to permanent account suspension. 

There are certain LinkedIn limitations that you must comply with for the safety of your LinkedIn account. Respecting LinkedIn limitations helps you fly undetected under LinkedIn's radar while also enabling you to leverage LinkedIn automation tools to their maximum.

In this blog, we will discuss the amount of LinkHelp activities that a user must limit itself to, in a day, for smooth LinkHelp usage.

1. Delay: This function is used to provide a certain amount of delay, in seconds, between two consecutive activities. It's a must-use function and highly recommended during LinkHelp usage. The delay function is used to simulate/mimic human behavior and makes LinkedIn believe that a human is using your LinkedIn account rather than a bot. The minimum delay for any activity must be 30 sec which can go up to 60 sec for a more conservative usage.

2. Audience Creation: This feature creates a list of targeted people based on the applied filters. We recommend our users limit their audience creation to 80-250 people/day with a delay of 30-45 seconds. Once this list is created, you can use it for multiple LinkedIn activities, such as - sending connection invites, messages, view profiles, endorsements, and many more.

3. Add Connections - This feature is used to send connection invites to multiple people at once. LinkedIn caps the connection invites to 100 users/week, hence we recommend our users respect this limit and plan their weekly invites accordingly.  Every time you send a connection invite, use a delay of 30-45 seconds.

You must also use the withdraw sent invite feature and set it to an auto mode with default settings. This will automatically withdraw your unaccepted connection request after a set number of days to avoid piling up the list of people who didn't accept your request and will prevent you from LinkedIn radar, which might consider you as a spammer if the list grew big.

4. Message Users - You can send unlimited messages to your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn however, we advise you to not abuse this option. If you are new to LinkedIn, you should start sending messages from 10/day and then gradually increase the number by 2-3 messages/day. Limit yourself once you reach 80-120 messages/day, and remember to use a delay of 30-45 seconds while using this feature.

5. Get connections info - This feature is used to get key information of the connections such as email id, phone number, company information, location, etc. Use this feature to get the information of 30-50 people/day, with a delay of 60 sec.

6. Follow connections - This feature is used to follow profiles on LinkedIn. The limit of the usage is 100-150 profiles follow/day with a delay of 30-45 sec.

7. Endorse connections: Endorse up to 30 - 50 connections/day with a delay of 60 sec. 

8. View Connections:  The feature will view the targeted profile on your behalf and will send a notification to the person, showcasing your interest in the person. You can use this feature to view 150-200 profiles/day with a delay of 45 sec.

All the limitations mentioned above are kept very conservative with high-level buffers to ensure the maximum safety of your LinkedIn account.

Summing it up, as LinkedIn puts more restrictions on the platform, we make sure that you're aware of these changes. It’s our priority that you leverage LinkHelp to the optimal without compromising the safety of your account. 

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