LinkedIn Account Restricted? Here’s what to do next

LinkedIn, a vital platform for professional networking, job opportunities, and industry insights, can sometimes throw a curveball in the form of a restricted account. If you've encountered a restricted LinkedIn account, don't worry – we're here to shed light on why it may have happened and offer a step-by-step approach to resolving the issue.

Decoding Common reasons for LinkedIn Account Restrictions

Feeling perplexed about your restricted LinkedIn account? Relax, it might not be your fault at all. Let’s uncover the top reasons behind LinkedIn account restrictions and removals – straight from the source itself!

1. Excessive Page Views: When it comes to your page viewing activity on LinkedIn, a sudden spike can catch the platform's attention. If your browsing behaviour veers significantly from your historical usage, it might raise eyebrows at LinkedIn's algorithm. The key to maintaining a smooth experience lies in gradual increments. By steadily increasing your activity levels over time, you can steer clear of setting off any digital alarms and maintain a harmonious presence on the platform.

2. Rapid Connection Requests: In the realm of professional networking, the more, the merrier is a common principle. While it's entirely normal to boast 2000+ LinkedIn connections, there is a fine line between expanding your network and crossing into restricted territory. Imagine this scenario: You create your LinkedIn profile and go on a connection frenzy. Suddenly, LinkedIn's algorithm notices, and you find yourself facing sanctions. 

One crucial rule to bear in mind is LinkedIn's weekly connection request limit, set at 100. This limit shapes your networking strategy and ensures that your outreach remains effective and respectful within the platform's boundaries

3. Flagged Connection Requests: When sending out connection requests on LinkedIn, receiving a cascade of 'I don't know this person' responses can be a red flag. This feedback indicates that your networking efforts might not be as organic as they should be. LinkedIn interprets this pattern as an attempt to force connections without genuine common ground.

The remedy lies in nurturing an authentic network, particularly in the initial stages. Focus on establishing connections that hold relevance and shared interests. As your profile gains momentum, it will naturally evolve in various directions, attracting connections that resonate with your journey. This approach takes time, but it paves the way for direct engagement with potential clients down the road. Remember, quality connections always outweigh quantity

4. Inappropriate and Spammy Behaviour on LinkedIn: If your account engages in a flurry of repetitive messages to a wide array of connections while excessively browsing profiles, it'll undoubtedly raise the LinkedIn authorities' eyebrows. The situation compounds if random connections are added and ignored, culminating in a restricted LinkedIn account. The antidote? Prioritize meaningful and genuine interactions, fostering connections that resonate and contribute value. This approach safeguards your profile against the radar of the LinkedIn police.

5. Employing Risky LinkedIn Automation Tools: Not all tools are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can inadvertently amplify the problem rather than solve it. The ease and convenience of these tools can be tempting, especially when faced with the daily grind of logging in and searching for connections. Yet, falling into the wrong automation trap can lead to an influx of irrelevant connections inundated with generic messages, ultimately compromising your profile's integrity.

Join us as we unveil the realm of LinkedIn automation, guiding you toward tools that streamline without sacrificing authenticity.

Preventing LinkedIn Bans: Embracing Precaution over Cure

1. Select Your Connections Thoughtfully: In the early stages, be selective with your connections. Prioritize those relevant to your current position. Start by adding familiar contacts, colleagues from the same company, alumni from your school, or individuals within your broader industry and locality. Expand your network horizontally and vertically, fostering connections on the same level or higher/lower in the corporate hierarchy.

2. Craft Customized Connection Requests: Avoid sending generic connection requests. Instead, initiate a conversation with unique and personalized requests. Establish rapport before pitching your intentions. While not every connection request requires a personalized message, ensure your approach resonates with the recipient.

3. Share Value and Interact: An idle profile with minimal interactions raises suspicion. Counter this by sharing valuable content aligned with your industry. Engaging posts stimulate discussion and attention. Reacting to others' content by liking, sharing, and commenting portrays active participation.

4. Choose LinkedIn Tools Wisely: Beware of blindly adopting LinkedIn automation tools. The wrong choice could lead to bans. Automations tool, with dedicated IPs and advanced features, such as BizWik, are safer and more efficient for personalized outreach.

5. Respect LinkedIn limits: Thriving within boundaries is a key in the realm of LinkedIn professional networking. LinkedIn sets limits on key activities such as connection requests, messages, and profile views to ensure a quality experience. By adhering to these limits, you exude professionalism, prioritize quality, and prevent restrictions.

HERE is an article that provides insights into LinkedIn limits when using automation.

Immediate Actions to Take after LinkedIn Warning or Temporary Restriction:

Pause and Reflect: Temporarily halt all LinkedIn activity for 2-3 days. This applies to both manual actions and automated campaigns.

Gradual Resumption: For about a week, maintain a low activity level. Keep campaigns paused and limit manual actions such as page views, connection requests, and messages.

Monitor and Adjust: After a week, you can resume campaigns but monitor daily limits and action volume. Gradually increase activity while adhering to the warming-up period, typically lasting another week.

Steps to Take When Your LinkedIn Account is Permanently Restricted:

When facing a restricted LinkedIn account, swift and strategic action is essential for recovery. Follow these crucial steps to reclaim access and restore your account's functionality:

1. Disconnect LinkedIn Tools: First and foremost, sever all connections to any LinkedIn tools, whether they're related to automation or other functionalities. Even if the restriction wasn't directly caused by these tools, it's imperative to disassociate from them. Remove access, log out from associated accounts, and clear your browser cache.

2. Contact LinkedIn Support: Once you've detached from external tools, it's time to communicate with LinkedIn directly. The process involves reaching out to LinkedIn support through their designated Contact Us Form: LinkedIn Contact Us Form. This step is unavoidable, so make it count. When filling out the form:

3. Be Transparent: Clearly outline the situation and how your account became restricted.

4. Avoid Mentioning Tools: LinkedIn is aware of tool usage; focusing on them won't aid your case.

5. Prioritize Account Recovery: Emphasize your desire to recover and regain account functionality.

6. Prepare Identification: You might need to confirm your identity using official documents like passports or IDs.

7. Exercise Patience: Following the submission of your support request, allow some time for LinkedIn to review your case and respond. Avoid re-submitting or escalating unless explicitly advised to do so.

Facing a restricted LinkedIn account is undoubtedly challenging, but with the right approach, it's possible to navigate the situation and work toward reinstating your profile. By adhering to these steps and maintaining a respectful and solution-oriented tone in your communication, you increase your chances of a positive resolution and a successful account recovery.


In the landscape of LinkedIn professional networking, coming across account restrictions can elicit frustration and worry. Yet, armed with the knowledge shared in this extensive guide, you're empowered to adeptly handle the hurdles presented by restricted LinkedIn accounts. Grasping the underlying causes of restrictions, embracing best practices, and proactively addressing warnings and limitations enable you to uphold the integrity of your profile and ensure a seamless expedition through the realm of networking."