December 17, 2020

Scrape LinkedIn Data - LinkedIn extractor - LinkHelp

Scrape LinkedIn Data - LinkedIn extractor - LinkHelp
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What is LinkedIn scraping?

Scraping, data extraction allows you to remove information from a web page to be able to use it on your own page. It is a marketing technique that targets direct competition because it allows you to collect content on a website and copy and paste it as it is. It is often useful during competitive intelligence and is widely used by e-commerce sites. It is used as part of a marketing analysis. However, from an ethical point of view, this is not recommended. However, Linkedin scraping is one of the “growth hacking” methods, methods that allow you to quickly improve your market, your position against the competition, find business partners, etc.


Why people Scrap Linkedin?

Scraping Linkedin is used to extract data from targeted prospects. This makes it possible to perform profile searches for personal use or according to the conditions imposed by the platform. You then work on the contents of the web page to organize them and load them into your database. The objective can be purely personal or professional, to increase its followers, to do cold emailing, for market research, or to study prices on competing sites.


What types of data can I extract on LinkedIn?

The various data extracted include, for example :

  • Names and surnames,
  • Email addresses,
  • Phone numbers,
  • Professional information such as the position held and the company,
  • The region,
  • Information relating to the LinkedIn profile, for example, if the member uses a premium account.

Generally, the data used concerns the names and contact details of members of your network in order to contact them easily.


How to use LinkHelp to extract LinkedIn data?

Follow this tutorial to learn how to scrape thousands of LinkedIn data:

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