January 5, 2021

LinkHelp: Create & Manage LinkedIn Automation Campaigns

LinkHelp: Create & Manage LinkedIn Automation Campaigns

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Create a campaign

Here comes the new campaign update. In order to get started, click on the right sidebar on the “Campaign Creation” feature, then hit “Create a new campaign” button.

This window allows you to create a list of prospects for your campaigns. You have plenty of filters that will help you store the right targeted people in your list:

Filter from search

Give a name to your campaign and enter your targeting search filters. Let’s say that I want to add to my campaign list of prospect people that do SEO, speak english and are based in NYC. Here comes an example of my filters:

Filter from posts

Give a name to your campaign. You can add people to your list that comment or like a specific LinkedIn post, article or video. The only thing you need to do is to enter the content ID that you will find in the URL. Read this article to understand how to get the content ID: https://www.linkhelp.io/post/connect-with-people-who-commented-on-specific-linkedin-video

Filter from a group

You can add people that are the members of a specific group. (ex: You want to add all people that are members of the group “SEO USA”). 

All you need to do is just copy the group ID that you will find on the URL of that group. 

Important: You need to be a member of this group too.

Filter from your network

Create a list of targeted people that are already your 1rst degree connection. 

Use your campaigns

Now that you have created and add people within your campaign lists, you need to launch your campaigns.

For that go on the feature that you want, for example “add connection”:

And simply select your campaign. Then launch it !

Messaging campaigns

LinkedIn does not allow you to properly message people that are not your 1rst degree connection.

So the workflow for messaging campaign that you need to adopt is:

1 - Create a targeted campaign with only 2nd and 3rd degree connections;

2 - Send an invitation to those people first;
3 - Once they accept your invitation they become your 1rst degree connection, you will be able to message them as much as you want.

Manage your campaigns

In order to Manage your campaigns, go to the campaign feature, then click on the “Manage campaign” button.

You will see all your campaign lists.

You can see how many people are inside your campaign list. You can add more people inside an existing campaign list. 

You can see the remaining and previous “actions” that you did for that campaign. That way you can restart the actions where you have stopped:

You can see, and remove users inside your campaigns at any time. You also have the possibility to check the targeting filters that you used before for that campaign and export your list as an excel sheet: 

Stop the automations

In order to stop the LinkedIn automations that are running, click on “stop bot” in the right sidebar.

You will be able to stop the automations that you want.
You can also see the remaining time before the automations finish.

Please contact us at hello@linkhelp.io if you have any questions.

If you have not tried LinkHelp yet go ahead with our free trial:


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