December 16, 2020

LinkedIn Automation Tools: Choose the best one.

LinkedIn Automation Tools: Choose the best one.

LinkHelp is a LinkedIn automation tool that was designed to help you find, reach and engage with your potential customers on LinkedIn with peace of mind.

LinkHelp guarantees the total security of your LinkedIn account thanks to human behavior features and safety limits.


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LinkedIn automation tools made by LinkHelp are the best way to automate lead generation, social selling, marketing and HR.

Discover the main features of the LinkedIn automation tool, LinkHelp.

LinkHelp has some of the best features to automate your LinkedIn account:


1)    Add connections

LinkHelp: LinkedIn automation tool feature - Add connection

2)    Send targeted messages

LinkHelp - Send targeted messages on LinkedIn - Feature

3)    Extract data from LinkedIn and from websites

LinkHelp: Extract data from linkedin and website URL

4)    Auto respond and Follow up messages

LinkHelp: Auto repond, auto reply features for LinkedIn set follow up campaigns

5)    Follow targeted people

LinkHelp: Follow targeted connections

6)    Like posts or comments

LinkHelp: Like and comment bot for LinkedIn

7)    Endorse

LinkHelp is a LinkedIn automation software to endorse people on LinkedIn

8)    Wish birthday

LinkHelp: Congratulate connection, wish birthdays on LinkedIn

Keep on track your campaigns from LinkHelp dashboard.

From the dashboard of LinkHelp you will be able to see your activity, statistics, and improvements.

LinkHelp: Dashboard where you can track the LinkedIn automation tools features statistics

LinkHelp automation tool is easy-to-use.

Thanks to a simple and effective UX you will be able to understand how do the features work in a few minutes. LinkHelp is actually presented as a left sidebar that you can show or hide by simply moving your mouse.

 Try for free for 3 days: LinkHelp

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