December 11, 2020

Improve your LinkedIn social selling index - LinkHelp

Improve your  LinkedIn  social selling index - LinkHelp
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The Social Selling Index (SSI) is an important measurement tool for sales people who have implemented a Social Selling approach. It allows to know its score, in comparison to its network. The Social Seller can learn more about its points of improvement.

Check your SSI score

We know that Social Selling is a vital component of success for many companies: sellers who excel in Social Selling create more opportunities andare 51% more likely to reach their quota. It is because of this potential that the measurement of Social Selling's efforts is all the more important. 

Giving B2B salespeople the means to know where they stand in relation to their professional network on LinkedIn is a playful management element, givingrise for example to internal challenges to become better social sellers (orSocial Seller).

History of the Social Selling Index and its evolution

The Social Selling Index is determined from three components:

  • By identifying a group of top-performing sales professionals
  • Analysing their usage patterns on LinkedIn
  • Determining how they use LinkedIn to achieve positive results.

The formula behind the ISS is based on the Social Selling activities  on which these professionals rely, effectively linking the points between their efforts and their commercial success.

How can you improve your social selling index (SSI)?

Establish your personal branding

Complete your profile by thinking about customers, try to complete your profile by including a professional photo - an eye-catching title - a summary of your experience and added value as part of your duties.

#TIPS: Your header is the statement of yourmission. It is also the line that appears just below

your name, so it's very important to optimize it. Most people write the title of their position. But is this really what best sums up your role in your company? Instead, consider the header as an opportunity to communicate about your added value and the professional impact you are looking for. It must be a short and eye-catching statement.



Become an opinion leader by posting meaningful and engaging messages

Add content that showcases you as a leader in your field. Expand your profile with examples of your multimedia work to be more interactive in communicating with prospects and customers. Share content (e.g.customer cases, blog posts, etc.) produced by the Marketing team.


Finding the right people

Identify better prospects in less time using effective search tools. In order to  find the right people, we will have to determine the key accounts to be touched, via targeting communications on groups dedicated to each target, for example. Usethe "Who viewed your profile?" module because your activity generates views and allows you to start a dialogue with the most relevant profiles. 

#DATA: Salespeople who have viewed theprofiles of at least 10 key company accounts on LinkedIn are 69% more likely to exceed their quotas.

Another item available to you on Sales Navigator (only available in premium version): Use unlimited profile search on all contacts including  3rd-level  contacts and advanced filters to identify your leads.

#TIPS: By adding Boolean search terms to your Sales Navigator Lead Builder keywords, your results will be even better


Building strong relationships

Strengthen your network by building trust with decision makers through information sharing. Nearly 64% of B2B buyers say they appreciate when a salesperson provides them with information or perspectives on their sectors. You will be 70% more likely to get an appointment or close a sale if you are part of a LinkedIn group.

Why having a high ISS is important for a social seller?

When today's B2B buyers ask themselves questions, they look for answers online instead of relying on a seller's information. It is only logical that the marketing and commercial professions have been transformed by the digital revolution giving access to information wherever we are.


Business opportunities  are changing: now instead of waiting for a salesperson to inform them about a productor service, buyers turn to social networks to learn more about the companies with which they could do business.

Sales and marketing services need to align to establish a new set of common goals and reach buyers.

Your professional brand (or Professional Branding) must therefore be evocative about your activity, your added value on your sector and the mastery of your business discourse.

What needs and problems Social Selling meets

Identify key decision-makers

Manage multiple players in the prospected company

Maintaining momentum through a long sales process

Provide more qualified leads to the sales force

Increase the productivity of each salesperson

Achieving net sales from new sales

The solutions offered by Social Selling

Find connected decision makers through LinkedIn profiles and advanced search feature

Aligning sales and marketing services to adopt a common definition of a good lead

Targeted content of the marketing team for stakeholders at different levels

Automatic lead nurturing and scoring system to involve leads faster

Specialized sales professionals qualified leads to ensure that only the most likely leads were entrusted to the sales team

Business opportunities have changed a lot in the last 10 years. More since the advent of the internet and inbound marketing techniques to generate leads in a non-intrusive way. It is in this evolution of B2B business relationships that LinkedIn has become the number one platform for professionals, both for the search for candidates and for commercial prospecting. Your high SSI relative to your sector will allow you to position yourself as an expert and reference on your sector, and thus a successful Social Seller.


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