May 1, 2021

How to use the "Follow up" feature

How to use the "Follow up" feature

The “follow up feature” allows you to send automatically a second message to a prospect that has not replied to you previously.

It is essentially a 3 steps process:

1) Create a prospect list.

Go to campaign creation tab:

Define your ideal prospects as the example below:

As you know, LinkedIn only allows you to direct message 1rst degree connections.

That is why you should only select first degree connections:

Then hit the “add button” in order to create your prospect list.

2) Setup your first message.

Now that your list of prospects is created, go to the “message targeted users” feature:

Select your campaign list, write down your message, and click on “send”:

3) Setup your follow up message

Go to the “follow up” feature.

Turn the feature on:

By turning on the feature, LinkHelp will automatically check after minimum 2 days, if you have not got any reply for you previous message campaign. If your prospect did not replied you, then LinkHelp will send out your follow up message.

If you keep the feature off, you will have to start the follow up manually which is not really convenient.

Select your campaign list (IMPORTANT: you have to send your message first, as we explain in the second step of this tutorial)

Write down your follow up message:

In this section do not change the “total”, and “start position” values. For the “wait x days” field we recommend you to enter “4”. That means that if your prospect did not reply to your last message after 4 days, then LinkHelp will be sending the follow up message:

The "wait X days" field is essential here to tell LinkHelp to wait at least X days before sending out the follow up. It is recommended to wait 4 days, (in order to not be spamy).

Then click the “add” and “start” button, you are now all set.

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