Tutorial: Auto respond & Follow up messages

How to use Auto respond and Follow up messages feature?

1. Set your trigger

Auto respond feature will automatically reply to a user if his message is including your trigger keyword.

Ex: When someone send you a message including the sentence: "when are you available" your auto reply message would be: "I'm avaible on Monday from 8am to 5pm."

2. Set a reply or a Follow up message

Write a custom message. (LinkHelp will replace “@firstname” by the name of the person that you are contacting.)

3. Safety settings

Set the random time between each actions at "60" sec.  We recommend you to message less than 80 users /day for safety reasons.

4. Done!

Click the start button. You can start running another LinkHelp's automation in the same time. Do not close the tab of your browser and do not turn off your computer if not LinkHelp will stop. Do not automate over 100 tasks /day for safety reasons.

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